Event Policies

Please be aware of Zeta Tau Alpha’s event policies below.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The deadline to register for Convention was May 5, 2022. To accurately plan for our events, Zeta Tau Alpha will not accept changes or refund cancellations after June 1, 2022. Zeta Tau Alpha is not responsible for weather or travel related problems impacting attendance. Registration questions and cancellations should be directed to registration@zetataualpha.org.

Attendance Policy

It is the personal responsibility of attendees to ensure their personal calendar is free of any job, internship, school, family vacation or other obligations that could conflict with attendance in the event experience.

Fraternity Policy Agreement

All Fraternity policies apply at this ZTA event. The hotel venue is Zeta Tau Alpha’s home during the event, and all ZTA housing policies will be enforced during this time.

Media Release

By registering, attendees acknowledge that Zeta Tau Alpha has permission to take photos and video recordings during this event. It is understood and agreed that such photographs and/or video recordings may be used digitally and in print and that members may be identified by name without compensation.

Term Completion & Financial Agreement for Collegiate Chapter Delegates

Per Zeta Tau Alpha's Constitution & Bylaws, a collegiate chapter delegate must be a member in good standing who intends to return to her chapter the following full academic term and will assume satisfactorily the responsibilities of her office and other assignments given to her. Failure on the delegate's part to return to her chapter and fulfill obligations as agreed after acting as an Official or Alternate Delegate will require her or her chapter to refund the Fraternity the allotted expenses for Convention. If the delegate leaves or is asked to leave Convention early, she will be financially responsible for any flight change fees and transportation costs. Failure to repay these fees will result in financial expulsion from the Fraternity.

Travel Policy

International Office will coordinate travel for all collegiate chapter delegates whose registration fees are paid by the collegiate chapter. Round-trip travel from an airport within the contiguous United States is included as a part of the chapter-paid registration fee. Delegates will request their preferred airport, and ZTA will make all efforts to coordinate travel from that location. If ZTA cannot book travel from the preferred airport, the delegate will receive communication about the change in travel plans. If a delegate is traveling to Convention from Alaska, Hawaii or another country, it will be their personal responsibility to coordinate and pay for travel to and from the contiguous United States. Additionally, if travel arrangements require booking multiple cities/flights, the delegate may be responsible for the difference between a round-trip ticket and requested travel arrangements to multiple cities.

Be Well Agreement

Attendees of Convention voluntarily assume the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases during the event or during travels and acknowledge that such exposure or infection is not the responsibility of Zeta Tau Alpha. Attendees agree to take whatever precautions are deemed to be appropriate at the time of Convention by Zeta Tau Alpha and/or local venues to ensure the safety of everyone at Convention.