The Close of Business

At Saturday’s Final Business Meeting, the Convention delegation elected the 2022-2024 National Council.

2022-2024 National Council

  • President: Dinah Jackson Laughery
  • Vice President Collegate I: Jess Adams Meyers
  • Vice President Collegiate II: Stancy Robinson Hagans
  • Vice President Collegiate III: Kimberly Jones Ivester
  • Vice President Alumnae I: Kery Reinkemyer Webb
  • Vice President Alumnae II: Cheri White Armstrong
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Shannon Ferguson
  • NPC Delegate: Katie Peoples Zamulinsky
  • Extension Director: Karla Lundgren Wheeler

Three women stepped down from Council service: Alicia Patten Williams, Raechel Bennett Biggs and Laura Moak Redman. Their fellow 2020-2022 Council members shared some remarks about their retiring sisters and presented them with gifts