Service Opportunity

In honor of celebrating 125 years of ZTA, we are hosting a Birthday Box drive! Help us meet our goal of 125 Birthday Boxes to donate to local Indianapolis food banks.

Participation is optional. You can donate through our community registry link, ship the following items to International Office or pack the items and bring them with you to Convention. We also accept gift cards so that International Office staff shop for you!

What is a birthday box? A birthday box has everything a family would need to celebrate a birthday (cake, banner, cake pan, etc.). For families in need, celebrations can sometimes become lower on the priority list. Let's fill that gap by creating birthday boxes.

  • Disposable cake pan
  • Cake mix box
  • Can of soda (ex: Coke, 7-up); no bottles, please.
  • Can of frosting
  • Birthday card
  • Birthday banner

Check out our Target registry here.