What to Pack

Already thinking about your Convention outfits? Us, too. Check out the categories below to find inspiration for each attire type.

Here’s an overview of what sort of outfit(s) you will need each day:

  • Wednesday
    • Casual ZTA spirit
  • Thursday
    • Business casual during the day
    • Crown Chapter attire for dinner
  • Friday
    • Ritual attire
    • Pink business attire during the day
    • Crown Chapter attire for dinner
    • Dress for your decade at the sisterhood event
  • Saturday
    • Business attire during the day
    • Formal attire for the Recognition Banquet

Don't forget your ZTA badge

The hotel may not be as toasty as it outside, don't forget a light jacket or cardigan

Remember shoes are heavy, so be mindful when packing to stay away from an overweight-baggage fee

Wrinkle resistant clothing is a game-changer for traveling

Casual School/ZTA Spirit


For Collegians: Attire is snappy casual while showing off your college/university pride. We encourage you to be informal and comfortable, yet clean and professional. You can wear T-shirts with your school name, jeans, etc.

For alumnae and National Officers: Wear casual ZTA attire—think your favorite ZTA shirt, turquoise/gray, crowns, strawberries, etc.

Business Attire

Thursday and Saturday

We will primarily wear business attire during the day. This is a chance to break out your nicest badge attire! (Pssst! Don’t forget your badge!) Conference rooms may get chilly so be sure to bring a jacket or sweater.

Ritual Service Attire


Your dress, skirt and blouse, or dress pants and blouse must be chalk white, not cream, ivory or neutral. Out of respect for our ritual services, please be sure that your attire is classy and fits you well. If you choose to wear a sleeveless dress, bring a white cardigan to cover your shoulders. Be mindful and make sure to pack the appropriate undergarments that work with white and add a slip if your fabric is very thin.

Shoes must be all white, even from a side view. Metallic buckles, other adornments or cork heels won’t work.

Think Pink® Business Attire


We'll celebrate our commitment to breast cancer education and awareness with a Think Pink day during Convention. We’ll still conduct business as usual, so please wear your best pink business attire.

Crown Chapter Attire

Thursday and Friday

Part of the glamor of our award dinners includes dressing the part! For the collegiate and alumnae Crown Chapter dinners, we’ll get a little more dressed up than our daytime business looks. Think cocktail dresses or something you would wear out to a nice dinner. Pick something that makes you feel confident; who knows, you may be strutting your stuff to accept a Crown Chapter award on behalf of your chapter!

Recognition Banquet Attire


The Recognition Banquet, also known as the Silver Awards Dinner, will be our biggest affair of all. Semi-formal or formal attire is perfect for the occasion. Show off your style! Zetas will be rocking everything from little black dresses to sequined shiny gowns.